French manufacturing

French manufacturing

What’s the challenge?

Why manufacture bike frames in Asia 10 000 km from their place of use?

We have let a whole section of our industry, that used to be dynamic and innovative, disappear abroad.

However, we still ride bikes, whether it’s for fun or as a means of transport.

Bring manufacturing of bike frames back to France

We are able to launch space rockets, but are incapable of nurturing or developing manufacturing activity in response to our local needs!

It’s from this analysis that we decided to create Caminade.

All our frames are conceived and manufactured by hand in our workshop based in d’Ille sur Têt, part of the Pyrénées Orientales, between the sea and the mountains.

Appreciate the value of producers

The Caminade adventure is a militant struggle to give back the true value to those who work to produce quality bikes,

and not those who work on the logic of always producing more for less, in order to sell for as high a price as possible to pay a whole chain of intermediaries. 

Short circuit the sales loop

By buying your bike direct from Caminade, you will see how you and your money contribute to the development of our company.

This gives us the ability to create new jobs, to innovate and conceive new bikes. Bikes that always have one single idea behind them: the pleasure of riding before everything else.

Refuse pre-programmed obsolesence

We’ve done away with product year ranges, each bike is tailor made for you.

It is made to last with noble living materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium). The frame can be repaired or repainted if necessary. We don’t do throwaway bikes.

Conscious of the important investment that a high quality bike purchase represents, your bike is conceived to last with you for a longtime, and to give you as much enjoyment with each ride over many years to come.

Towards a social enterprise

The value generated by the company should be distributed amongst those whose work has contributed towards achieving these riches.

In any case, it’s the vision we share at Caminade, where the full implication and application of everyone makes “our little company” work.

Published : 2018-09-18