• Gravel Titanium

    Gravel Grinder

    Gravel Titanium
  • Allroad


  • One4All

    The original all-steel full suspension frame

  • Gravel

    Roads or rideable trails: it's at home anywhere

  • SimpleTrack

    Simplicity at its purest

  • Route66

    The sporty and comfortable road bike

  • Excellence

    Design, development and manufacture of bikes carried out in-house in our factory in the Pyrénées-Orientales. We develop our production tools at the same time. All kinematic and mechanical simulations are carried out on specialised software that allows us to tune performance: strength, comfort, anti-pumping kinematics (PARABOLINK patent). For our most demanding "Custom Programme" customers we manufacture one-off models in our workshops...

  • Moral of steel

    Our frames, all of steel, are resistant, comfortable, easy to repair and of course recyclable. The steel of our bent tubes comes from a French foundry, extruded according to our specified chemical and mechanical specifications, with aeronautic class 2 certification. The other tubes of our frames are selected from the top-of-the-range Reynolds 853DZB, Columbus 29er and Spirit series.

    Moral of steel
  • French

    In our factory based in Pyrénées Orientales, we created a new production line that meets our exacting requirements. Combining craftsmanship and modern industrial processes we prove every day that it is still possible to manufacture to a very high quality standard in France.

    Fr<span style="color:#398ed1;">e</span>nch<br>T<span style="color:#e44849;">o</span>uch



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