Welcome to our production workshop!

Caminade workshop

Welcome to our production workshop!

The first years of a company are similar to those of a child who is growing up and heading towards adulthood.

We must learn to walk, to read, to count, to make our own choices, in order to fly on our own wings.

Putting into place our new production workshop was an important step for Caminade, marking a new stage in our development. It brings together all our know how, and has been designed to enable us to fabricate all our models from start to finish. From tubes in steel, stainless steel or titanium, right through to the finished painted frame which leaves for it’s happy new owner.

Guided visit of our "manufacture" taking in the different stages of creating a frame:

atelier caminade

atelier caminade



 In each compartment, the design of the tailor-made frame to be manufactured with tubes specifically chosen for it.


cintrage tube titane

Shaping of the tubes, here in titanium.

cintrage tube acier


Chiseling the tubes in order to fit perfectly in the jig.

grugeage des tubes

grugeage des tubes


pointage sur le marbre 

pointage sur le marbre

pointage sur le marbre

Titanium frame


pointage sur le marbre

After positioning the cut and shaped tubes on the jig, Mika checks them before moving onto the TIG welding.


pointage cadre en titane

Checking a titanium frame. You’ll spot the small red hose pipes that inert the frame with neutral gas (Argon).

Mika soudure

Mika can then accomplish each linking weld.

atelier caminade

Mika soudure


Brazing the small parts, such as the bottle holder.


Reaming before sandblasting, in this image it’s the bottom bracket.

cadres attente sablage

Frames waiting for sandblasting.



The sandblaster to clean the frames before painting.



A frame in the process of being sandblasted.


cabine peinture

The cabin for applying epoxy paint powder before frames head to the oven.



Colour samples, almost any colour is available on request.

cadre rose
Here, a pink frame with sparkly varnish.

cadres après peinture


Controlling frames before assembly.

 badge inox cadre acier

The Caminade badge is polished stainless steel, with the serial number of the steel frame on which it is placed engraved onto it.
For titanium or stainless steel frames, the serial number is marked directly on the frame.

VTT Simpletrack 297+

All that’s left now is the finally assembly of parts.

Our workshop is open to you, we are very happy to explain in more detail how we manufacture frames and answer any questions you have. 
It’s the best way to choose your future Caminade.



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Published : 2016-07-09

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