Caminade was born from the meeting of Brice Epailly and Sylvain Renouf. Together they share the same vision of what a bike should be - a beautiful object made to last, be passed on and used over a long period. Caminade aims to set the example that it is still possible today to make a bike locally, as close as possible to its customers, whilst adopting an industrial approach to produce production bikes aimed at demanding riders attentive to the smallest details. The frames are designed, manufactured and assembled in Caminade's workshop at Ille-sur-Têt in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

The Caminade adventure is not the result of a whim but, on the contrary, of much thought and a great deal of design work on the part of Brice to succeed in offering bikes with original and efficient kinematics that enable reliable and easy-maintenance. Aware of the significant investment represented by the purchase of a top-of-the-range bike, Caminade bikes are designed to be with you for a long time and always give as much enjoyment on each outing.



Sylvain RENOUF

Co-founder, management & sales

An engineer by training, having worked in the manufacture and sale of semiconductors and then created several companies, Sylvain returned with Caminade to the world of design and industrial manufacturing. He has devoted himself full-time to this new adventure. He doesn't conceive of doing things by half and establishing Caminade as a serious business and credible player in the bike world requires total commitment in the eyes of both partners and customers.

Sylvain has always been a rider, of road and then mountain bikes. He is one of the organisers of the La Jean Racine mountain bike event and, with Brice, also created the TransbiKING races. After having observed the machinations of the bike industry and its current model based on the relocation of production to Asia Caminade was the obvious answer - there was another way of doing things, more consistent with his convictions and the future of our society.






Co-founder, R&D, industrialisation

For over 20 years, Brice has worn out his cycling shorts on anything with wheels - with some success - from competitive XC to enduro passing via extreme races: elite winner of the Raid des Chemins du Soleil in 2012, 4th in the World Championship Masters XC in 2009, 4th in the Transvésubienne in 2010, winner of the Team Transvésubienne in 2012. Brice is also the organiser of the Garoutade and TransbiKING mountain bike races. Throughout those years he never stopped thinking of how to improve the bikes that he was riding and gradually the idea of creating his own bikes was born.

Motor engine engineer by training, Brice designed the One4All kinematics and passed them down the line when designing other models in the range. For him, it's a successful outcome to be able to offer bikes that are a synthesis of his experience as a rider and meet all of the design and manufacturing requirements.






Frame builder

Former MX champion, Mika has been a promissing enduro and MX motocycle rider before that a major crash stoped him.

He started riding a BMX then went to MTB and enduro. He is very skilled to weld and improve himself everyday.